Ormash Solar Technology LTD. specializes in planning and implementing photovoltaic systems with an emphasis on tailoring the best solutions for our customers, state of the art engineering and top notch installations.

Our Staff includes engineers, electricians, installation technicians, technical drafters and a management team, with a vast experience in planning and carrying out many challenging and rewarding projects.
In addition, Ormash collaborates with “Shapira Isaac Engineering and management” in order to extend our solutions to accommodate construction projects in both planning and supervision.

We follow a hands-on approach and take our customers all the way from the early stages of initiating a project, through the process of obtaining permits from the authorities and the IEC, to planning and implementing the systems, connecting to the power grid, and monitoring its performance.

We pride ourselves in being meticulous in every stage, and complying with international standards and IEC regulations. We make a point of using the best components available (ABB, Schneider, Philips, and others) in order to maximize our systems’ production capacities, making sure that our customers enjoy great revenue over the course of 20 years.

Ormash provides its solutions with close legal, financial and personal advisement to each of its customers.

Our clientele includes: Local municipalities, solar entrepreneurs, installation companies, as well as commercial, agricultural and private roof owners.

Here at Ormash, we go the extra mile to provide our customers with the peace of mind and the confidence that their solar power systems work at their full production potential, creating maximal revenue at any given moment.

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Ori Froom

Owner, Director of Logistics

Mr.Froom has a BA in electrical engineering and is an expert in the field of renewable energy and logistics management.

In recent years, Mr.Froom specialized in solar solutions for the agricultural sector.

Ran Leipziger


Mr.Leipziger holds a BA in computer science and business management, bringing to Ormash his years of experience in successfully managing companies both in Israel and abroad.
In recent years, Mr.Leipziger focused his efforts in green and renewable energy enterprises.

Moshe Gurfinkel

Owner, CTO

A PhD in electrical and electronic engineering and a member in the global Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Dr. Moshe Gurfinkel has a comprehensive experience in the photovoltaic field and is considered a world-renowned expert.
Among his activities, Dr. Gurfinkel serves as a consultant to solar power companies, as well a lecturer and a conductor of guided tours to members of the industry and the academy.